Mergers and Acquisition

Structurel consulting

Consult on investment structures in line with clients' short-term and long-term investment plans.

Target Identification & Screening

Assist clients in finding suitable targets for acquisition, conduct preliminary investigation and analysis of the acquiree, sign a non-disclosure agreement to shortlist the most suitable potential targets and assist in developing best negotiation strategy to complete the transaction between the parties.

Due Diligence

Provide customized due diligence report to address clients' specific needs and conduct a comprehensive review of the targets' business, operations, legal & compliance and financial areas, in order to reduce clients' exposure to overall investment risks.

Negociation Support

We have solid experience in leading negotiations and building an effective and to budget negotiations strategy for the Clients from the start to finish of any M&A project. We always strive to achieve the best possible outcome for the Client.

Transaction Documents Preparation

The essential documents includes Sales and Purchase Agreement, Escrow Agreement, Change of Control Notification (for financial regulated company).


We will also assist with questionnaires for obtaining regulatory license and/or approvals and provide the Client’s with in-depth information and advice for the filing. 

Post Completion

We provide post-M&A support services such as corporate filings, licenses and other business needs as may arise post any transaction.