We provide expert compliance consultancy services for financial services and fintech firms in relation to their UK and offshore business operations, financial licence applications and day-to-day compliance monitoring within multiple regulatory regimes. Our clients come from a broad range of financial areas including Capital Markets, Wealth Management, Payment Services and Fintech.


Our technical consultants have broad knowledge on cutting-edge financial and regulatory technology and will assist our clients promptly access to world leading liquidity providers, trading platforms, bridging technology and white label solutions for trading, CRM and payment system, as well as compliance training portal, regulatory reporting platform and vetting / screening system.  



Headquartered in the City of London, Tantinet Group has offices in multiple jurisdictions, providing expert consultancy services in relation to Regulatory Compliance, Offshore Licence, Financial Technology, and Corporate Finance to a wide range of clients.


Tantinet has a group of expert compliance consultants who gains their years of experience within diverse regulatory environments. They have comprehensive professional knowledge and excellent interpretation skills on the UK, EU and offshore financial regulations. This is especially crucial for achieving and maintaining any financial licence, as sudden changes may arise from time to time, due to the diversification of offshore regulatory regimes, and the facts that the EU is tightening its financial regulations and the outcomes for Brexit is still unpredictable.   


Tantinet understands the needs and wants of its clients, so it will appreciate the specialties of every project, allocate the most suitable specialist teams to the clients, and minimise the compliance risks at all stages. The technical consultants will also be ready to engage in the projects at proper stages, so as to keep the application process smoothly move on, and provide strong support for the daily operations of client firms.  





Tantinet has already led and completed several large projects. A great network has been built with hundreds of Chinese, UK and multinational entities, among which there are leading companies in the industry, and rising stars as well. 


Our clients prefer to stay with us because our specialized knowledge, serious attitude, and bespoke consultancy approach could properly satisfy their needs and wants; Our partners prefer to cooperate with us because our quality client resources, emerging market promotions, and global statistic planning could lead both sides to a win-win situation.




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